Kashmir experienced a gentle embrace of snow and rain, casting a magical spell over the region. The meteorological department, with its watchful eye on the skies, foresees more of nature’s artwork in the coming days, breaking an extended dry spell in Jammu and Kashmir.

A Dusting of Snow

On January 26, light rain and snow painted a few higher reaches, with Gulmarg, Kupwara, and Kangan in Ganderbal being touched by the winter wand. Even Srinagar had a delicate trace of rain early in the morning, creating a serene ambiance in the valley.

“As expected, light rain and snow graced a few higher reaches,” shared a meteorological department official. The forecast indicated partly to generally cloudy weather with light precipitation at isolated higher reaches until the afternoon, promising improvement thereafter.

What Lies Ahead

The weatherman unfolds a poetic forecast for the days to come. On January 27, there’s a possibility of light snow at isolated higher reaches towards late evening. Moving into January 28-29, generally cloudy weather is expected with the chance of light to moderate rain or snow at many places.

As we step into January 30-31, the forecast continues to paint a picture of light to moderate rain or snow at many places. The canvas extends into February 1-3, offering the possibility of more mesmerizing scenes with light to moderate rain or snow.

Advisory for Travelers

Acknowledging the transformative power of the weather, the meteorological department issued an advisory. The present system might lead to temporary closures of roads in higher reaches and important passes like Sinthan pass, Mughal Road, Sadhna, Razdan pass, Zojila, etc., particularly during January 28-31. Travelers are advised to plan accordingly.

Temperature Tale

Cloud cover brought warmth to the night temperatures. Srinagar recorded a low of minus 0.5°C, a considerable increase from the previous night. Similar temperature tales unfolded in Qazigund, Pahalgam, Kokernag, Kupwara, and Gulmarg, each narrating its unique winter story.

Jammu, the winter capital, experienced a minimum of 7.0°C, marking a departure from the chill. Meanwhile, the meteorological department anticipates a significant improvement in visibility and a rise in maximum temperature in the plains of Jammu Division.

Chillai-Kalan Continues

Kashmir valley finds itself under the embrace of ‘Chillai-Kalan,’ the 40-day harsh period of winter set to end on January 29. Yet, this doesn’t signify the end of winter, as it transitions into ‘Chillai-Khurd’ (January 30 to February 19) and ‘Chillai-Bachha’ (February 20 to March 1), promising more chapters of the winter tale.

As the snowflakes continue their graceful descent, Kashmir stands ready to be adorned in a winter wonderland, inviting both residents and visitors to embrace the magic of the season