According to a statement released by Russian aviation authorities, the aircraft was a chartered ambulance flight that was departing from India and heading to Moscow via Uzbekistan. The aircraft was a 1978Dassault Aviation Falcon 10, built in France.

Following allegations of a crash from local Afghan police, a Russian-registered aircraft with six persons believed to be on board vanished from radar screens over Afghanistan the previous evening, according to Russian aviation officials, who made the announcement on Sunday.

The aircraft, a 1978 French-built Dassault Aviation Falcon 10 jet, was a charter medical flight from India to Moscow via Uzbekistan, according to a statement from Russian aviation officials.

According to a regional police official on Sunday, police in northern Afghanistan received reports of a jet crash in Badakhshan province.

A representative for the province government of Badakhshan, Zabihullah Amiri, told Reuters that a team had been dispatched to the accident site, but it would take the team 12 hours to get there because it was in a rural area more than 200 kilometers (124 miles) from the provincial seat, Fayzabad.

The collision happened overnight in the isolated, mountainous Badakhshan region of far-northern Afghanistan, according to a statement from the regional police spokeswoman for Afghanistan.

He said that the type of plane, the reason for the crash, and the number of casualties were all unconfirmed.

The incident was not a regularly scheduled commercial flight or an aircraft chartered by India, according to the country’s civil aviation authorities, which added that “more details are awaited.”

An inquiry for comment made outside of regular business hours was not immediately answered by aircraft maker Dassault.
Six-person Russian charter plane vanishes over Afghanistan; crash reported